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Tenacious, perceptive, creative, streetwise and effective are among the adjectives used about attorney Scott Brickell, a true victim’s lawyer. New York city blood smoothed over by thirty (30) years in Malibu, characterizes a tough, smart approach to injury law.

Always receptive to a first call by traumatized individuals, Brickell does immediate triage in the legal issues involved Investigations, photographs, doctors, engineers and experts of all kinds fill his vast contact list, which definitely comes in handy when preserving and developing evidence.

Brickell always emphasizes proper case set up and development while educating clients on what to expect. Since most substantial cases can last at least a few years, constant communication ensures solid working relationships.

Mr. Brickell handles various government claims, which require specialized skills (and patience). Many of his biggest victories were “mystery” cases that were rejected by other lawyers, wherein his own unique analysis, expertise and unyielding advocacy on behalf of his clients and their claims ultimately prevailed.

Law Offices of Scott Brickell carefully screen cases of all kinds and then concentrate their resources on matters worthy, and since Mr. Brickell only works on contingency cases, clients can rest assured they have partnered with aggressive and diligent counsel.

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